Individual Consultations

Individual consultations are available through face-to-face meetings, phone or Skype and can take place at a residence, workplace, or a cafe over a coffee.

We offer both one off consultations as well as periodic consultations.

In order to customise a one off or initial consultation and maximise the results, we request the following either by email or mail one week prior to the consultation date:

1. Latest diagnostic testing results

2. Last two school reports and copies of individual learning plans if applicable

3. Photocopy (scan) of a page or two from a book that reflects a child’s current reading level (If relevant)

4. Photocopies (scan) of a couple of completed math worksheets or math tasks

5. Photocopies (scan) of written work. Story or report type, or spelling words

6. Any therapies that have already been completed

7. Any other relevant information that you think is relevant and necessary

Often a phone call is made prior to the consultation date to query content or ask further questions to enhance understanding of where a child is currently at.

Consultations are available at $155 for one and a half hours.  Typed notes based on findings as well as key points for the consultation are also provided.

We are also available to attend school meetings regarding individual learning plans and other matters.

Please email or call 0410 525 361 for further details or to arrange a suitable consultation date and time.

Interstate and overseas consultations via Skype and telephone available.