Math Workshop

When Math is a Mystery – Addressing Numeracy Struggles for Children with Learning Difficulties

Number sense and an ability to see patterns in numbers are core skills that contribute to an understanding of many math concepts. Neurological differences and a challenging numeracy curriculum often see these skills lacking for children with learning difficulties.

Math is a subject requiring strong foundations. Without this, applied math will be a huge task. For example, a child without addition knowledge will be unable to determine the perimeter of a shape or calculate how much money they have. In essence, gaps in basic arithmetic will most likely affect their ability in other areas of math.

In addition, our move towards applied real life learning with math has been problematic for many children with learning difficulties. Firstly, a less structured approach often used through discovery and conversational games has led many children with learning difficulties struggling with mastering basic math facts. Word problem solving in math continues to be a challenge for children with language, reading, visualisation and working memory issues. 

Join us for a step by step process on how to equip these children with basic math skills of mental arithmetic as well as strategies and techniques for bridging the gap to applied math.

Participants are provided with course materials and useful numeracy resources.

This workshop is run publicly for individuals and privately for schools and other groups.

For public workshops, please see the “Public Program Dates” page. (Workshop fee is $60 inclusive of course materials and certificate).

This program is run privately for schools and other groups at $480 per workshop for up to 20 participants inclusive of course materials and certificates. More participants may be added for an additional fee determined by attendee numbers.

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