Online Learning

Online programs are now available through the ReMinds Learning Lab – a growing resource providing online training to assist those engaged in educating children with various learning difficulties.  

Whether you are an teacher requiring professional development in this area, or a parent seeking assistance with your child, ReMinds Learning Lab programs aim to explain and address the challenges these children face both in and out of the classroom.   

These are full multimedia training programs with video and audio.

Please contact us for licence details and pricing for schools and groups of 10 or more users.

Our two current programs are:

1. “Learning How They Learn – Inside the Minds of Children with Learning Difficulties”

This one hour program provides insights into the neurobiology behind various learning difficulties and how learning may be hindered in the brain, thereby allowing parents and teachers to make better decisions and judgments on appropriate teaching methodologies for children with learning difficulties.

A sample of this program can be found here.                                                                                                                            

 2. “The Triple M Challenges for Children with Learning Difficulties – Motivation, Memory and Metacognitive Thinking”

For children with learning difficulties, challenges in learning occur not only from lesson content, but also from neurological and psychological brain immaturities and differences. As such, many of these children have learning issues associated with what ReMinds terms the “Triple M”. That is, Motivation, Memory and Metacognitive Thinking. This seminar will explain and address these challenges. This program runs for approximately 45 minutes.

A sample of this program can be found here.                                                                                                                            

Both programs are available through the ReMinds Learning Lab.