The Triple M Challenges for Children with Learning Difficulties

Motivation, Memory and Metacognitive Thinking

For children with learning difficulties, challenges in learning occur not only from lesson content, but also from neurological and psychological brain immaturities and differences. As such, many of these children also have learning issues associated with what ReMinds terms the “Triple M”. That is, Motivation, Memory and Metacognitive Thinking”. This seminar will explain and address these challenges.

This program is run privately for schools and other groups at $450 per workshop for up to 20 participants inclusive of course materials and certificates. More participants may be added for an additional fee determined by attendee numbers.

As a service to local communities, ReMinds has also teamed with libraries across Melbourne to provided this seminar free of charge to individuals at certain locations. Please see the “Free Public Seminars” page for dates and locations. Bookings are essential.

This seminar is also offered online through the The Learning Lab.

For more details on this seminar, please email