What We Do

Our focus is on taking the frustration, guesswork and legwork out of making the best choices for these children by providing specific, straightforward  strategies to achieve the best outcomes.  

How We Assist

Matters we assist with include:

  • Direct and action orientated methodologies and strategies to improve literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Where do you start with a child suspected of having learning difficulties?
  • Should a professional assessment be carried out and if so by whom? What should be tested?
  • What treatments are available for various learning difficulties and what do they aim to do?
  • Methods to prioritise learning problems and treatment options.
  • Strategies and tips for school work and the academic setting.
  • Does diet count?
  • Approaches to talking to a child about their learning difficulties?  

Our comprehensive programs and workshops are designed for teachers and parents looking to share our passion in helping children with learning difficulties to reach their full potential. All programs are conducted publicly as well as privately in house at schools for parent and support groups. Speaking engagements for conventions and expos are also possible.

Individual consultations for parents are available on an ad hoc basis as well as part of the Leap Ahead Program.

Our programs are not designed to replace doctor or specialist advice, but to complement these services