Writing Workshop

Turning The Page – Improving Writing Ability for Children with Learning Difficulties

For children with learning difficulties, the writing process is the equivalent of the neurological marathon. From the early formation of letters to crafting an essay, writing involves perhaps more sub skills than any other academic task. It requires a combination of physical and mental processes in one concerted effort to convey information and ideas. Handwriting skills, spelling rules, writing conventions of grammar and syntax, expressing one’s thoughts in a clear and concise manner and advanced cognitive skills all combine to make writing the highest form and most complex use of language.

Not only is the writing task full of challenges, but it is also a task that becomes more frequent and complex as children advance through their school years.

Join us for this valuable and informative workshop with tools, strategies and a stepped approach to equip children with learning difficulties with the means to succeed in the task of writing.

Participants are provided with course materials and useful writing resources.

This workshop is run publicly for individuals and privately for schools and other groups.

For public workshops, please see the “Public Program Dates” page. (Workshop fee is $60 inclusive of course materials and certificate).

This program is run privately for schools and other groups at $480 per workshop for up to 20 participants inclusive of course materials and certificates. More participants may be added for an additional fee determined by attendee numbers.

For more details on this seminar, please email info@reminds.com.au

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